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5 thoughts on “Curly Sue, House Party 2, The Butcher’s Wife, Rolling Stones: At the Max, La Belle Noiseuse, 1991

  • Curly Sue would be the last film John Hughes directed, although he did write and produce more films after this.

  • Hughes was wise to stop at this point, because he had clearly run out of things to say and show. Most of his post-Planes, Trains work is substandard, and for an artist gifted enough to give us The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Vacation, and of course Planes…… Curly Sue was a major step down and he was right to stop and re-evaluate. I believe his last screen work was Drillbit Taylor, which came out the year before he died.

    • There’s a certain sense in which Hughes was a businessman first and an artist second. I think he made those early films as good as they were because he thought they had to be funny and interesting to make money. I don’t think he had a burning desire to tell those stories, but he saw a gap in the marketplace of good stories for teens and tried to tap into that underserved market. But when he made much huger money on Home Alone, he made the calculation that movies with little kids beating up on adult criminals was where the real money is. And it worked for a little while. Although I heard he made his biggest money on 101 Dalmatians because of merchandising royalties. Supposedly there were various experiences with the studios that burned him out and a lot of that later work he’s credited with might’ve been the studios dusting off his old scripts that were in development hell. He was apparently close to directing Maid in Manhattan as a Hilary Swank vehicle, but whatever fell apart on that project might’ve been one of the things that made him walk away from Hollywood.

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  • Career Opportunities was worse than Curly Sue in my opinion. With Career Opportunities there was nothing to see aside from Jennifer Connelly’s beauty. A lot of people don’t like Jim Belushi for some reason. I think he’s a pretty good actor and kind of funny.

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