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2 thoughts on “Licence to Kill, Peter Pan, When Harry Met Sally, 1989

  • Everyone is always ragging on Timothy Dalton and License to Kill. I liked him as Bond and I really like that movie. To me he’s the best Bond after Pierce Brosnan. Of course Sean Connery IS Bond so he’s not even in the conversation, he’s a in a class all by himself. The reason the movie didn’t do as well as the others was all the competition in the summer of 89. Batman, Indiana Jones 3, Lethal Weapon 2, Ghostbusters 2. These were all huge blockbusters.

  • License to Kill has always been one of my all time favorite Bond films. In my personal opinion, Dalton was the first Bond actor to take a darker more realistic take on the character. Less of the Austin Powers esque cheese of the Roger Moore era and closer to what was done with the portrayals of Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig with some of the more recent Bond flicks. While he may not be most movie goer’s definitive Bond, he is certainly one of the most underrated.

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