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12 thoughts on “That’s Not All Folks!, 1999

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  • This special was done twice during the season. They reran it in the late summer (as they usually did when they went on vacation) with an update on how the summer films did. The last show of the season was with Desson Howe with a tribute to Gene to close this season. You’ve put that up here. If you have any of those shows with the guest critics during this season, put them up here too.

  • Also, Roger had mentioned previously that the show was going to continue, to answer your comment above.

  • It was during Roger’s February tribute show to Gene where he vowed that the show will go on.

    • True, he said that there as well. And it went on until 2008. I don’t really count the last two years, especially the Ben year. For me, the show ended when Richard left and they changed the set.

  • For me it ended with Gene’s death. Personally I have no interest in anything after that.

    • I lost interest taping the show after Gene passed away. Roeper and the rest did nothing for me. I taped for a while, but it just wasn’t the same.

      • Well, Richard wasn’t too bad. There were moments when I felt he was just as good as Gene and that Gene probably would’ve said something similar to what Richard said.

        • I got bored with Roeper and the rest of them, quickly. Whatever Gene and Roger had, I enjoyed. But the chemistry was definitely lacking in the guest critics after Gene passed away. I tried even watching WTF on Facebook last year, and I was bored!

  • The show’s dynamic might have ended in 1999, but this was really always the Ebert & Siskel show. Siskel was great, but Ebert was a huge force with his writing, in addition to his incomparable ability to talk about movies in either pithy comments or longer dialogues. Those later shows seem more valuable now that Ebert is gone and no one has filled that tremendous void.

  • The “Siskel & Ebert” program actually continued under its original name until somewhere in September 1999 with “Roger Ebert & the Movies”.

    • Yeah, they kept Gene’s name on it until the season ended and then retitled it for the next season Roger Ebert and the Movies.

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