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3 thoughts on “Quiz Show, Milk Money, A Simple Twist of Fate, A Good Man in Africa, What Happened Was…, 1994

  • Dead on about Quiz Show. Sure it takes its liberties with the real events, but the performances and Redford’s direction is perfect. Makes my top 20 for ’94.

    Milk Money is….. well, I have no words. Rog is right, who in the name of sweet diggity, is the intended audience here?

  • I guess I was too young and into action sci-fi to get into Quiz Show. Bored me to tears. I’m 52 now and I suppose I owe it a 2nd try!

  • Give Quiz Show another try! If you have any interest in game shows possible cheating or game fixing, this is a must-see. Yes, it’s talky and there’s no action in this. It’s a very intellectual kind of movie, and brilliantly directed by Redford.

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