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7 thoughts on “Red Rock West, Clifford, Threesome, Silent Tongue, The Blue Kite, 1994

  • It never really happened for director John Dahl….. which is a shame, as Red Rock West is an excellent neo noir flick. He also did Rounders which was a cool movie, but mainly TV after that. Oh well, it pays the bills.

    I’m not gonna lie…. I kinda enjoy Clifford as a weird curiosity, though I don’t fault the guys for hating it.

    I’m highly allergic to Stephen Baldwin so Threesome wasn’t my thing.

    Silent Tongue looks like pure torture…. thankfully never bothered with it.

    • My mother had a copy of Red Rock West before they reviewed it. What had happened was it was on video first and then went to theaters. Same thing later that year with The Last Seduction. She had the film because she is a big Dwight Yoakum fan and he worked on that.

      One thing they didn’t mention about Clifford was it was originally supposed to come out in 1991, but due to Orion’s financial troubles it was on the shelf for three years. Should’ve stayed there-saw it on cable and hated it.

      As to Silent Tongue, another film with River Phoenix released after his death, why are films that are posthumously released always are bad on the late actor’s resume?

  • Funny that on this show The Good Son is mentioned. The show where they panned that crap was put up here not too long before this.

  • Given how much they hated “The Good Son”, “Clifford” must be an amazing atrocity! As Roger liked to say, they should’ve cut that movie up to make into ukelele picks.

    • In their worst of 1994 show, Roger said he talked to an unnamed cinematographer who turned down Clifford after looking at test footage of Martin Short as Clifford. The cinematographer said to Orion executives “you can’t be serious about this!” They said “Oh yes we are!” I believed Roger’s story because it showcases Orion’s creative desperation at the time.

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