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Blues Brothers 2000, Illtown, The Replacement Killers, 1998

Video Pick of the Week – A Night to Remember, The Last Voyage, Raise the Titanic

A second look at Titanic and Wag the Dog

5 thoughts on “Blues Brothers 2000, Illtown, The Replacement Killers, 1998

  • Cannot fathom how Gene liked Blues Brothers 2000. Now I’m not the biggest fan of the original, but I objectively appreciate its qualities and significance. The sequel had zero redeeming features.

    Replacement Killers is a solid action flick that makes my top 20 for 1998, though Hollywood never really knew how to use Chow Yun Fat to his utmost abilities, nor does he exactly burn through the screen here as he did in his Hong Kong films. Glad Roger dug it.

    • Gene gave a pass to Blues Brothers 2000 simply because of the music which was a bit unlike him to do.

  • Given how much affection Gene had for the original, it’s even more shocking he liked Blues Brothers 2000. The music was OK, but the movie was just awful! Very little effort was used compared to the original. There was nothing original, except for a lot of stupid, random stuff. No Belushi, the kid wasn’t used at all, and everything the first movie worked for was thrown out the window!

    It was a sequel that nobody wanted, with a key actor missing, and made 18 years later. It had no chance of being any good, and I loved the original!

  • A very good second look at Titanic. “Movies are not television.” Such an important quote in these dark times when people mistakenly think “streaming” can replace the cinematic experience.

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