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Crix Pick Prez Flix, 1993

Dr. Strangelove, Secret Honor, Say Amen Somebody, Do the Right Thing, 2001, Testament, Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam, Shoah, Pixote, Ikiru

3 thoughts on “Crix Pick Prez Flix, 1993

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  • I love the end: Mr. President, here are some movie suggestions for you, and coming up next week, a new movie about somebody out to KILL the President!

    I thought Gene’s fat joke was a low blow, frankly, but Roger didn’t seem offended. He could dish it out, too.

    One category I thought was missing from this show, maybe the most important: FUN movies, great comedies for the President to relax with and not have to think too much. I’m surprised they didn’t think of it. They might have recommended Primary Colors, for instance……

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