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Johnny Dangerously, Micki & Maude, Birdy, A Passage to India, 1984

When I posted this particular show on YouTube years ago (before I started the first website in 2011), YouTube took it down, because the studio that owned Johnny Dangerously, didn’t like the review. That studio along with some coaxing by gradepoint, gave me the “umph” to start this website! Johnny Dangerously from 1984?!?

5 thoughts on “Johnny Dangerously, Micki & Maude, Birdy, A Passage to India, 1984

  • Interesting that 20th Century Fox, which released JD, which bombed, would care about the review.

  • You’re kidding! Fox was whining over a S & E review they did about 20something years prior? So is Columbia pictures going to take down their reviews of “North” and their “Worst of 1994” show? I mean, really!!! Didn’t Fox do alright with the “Star Wars” movies before selling the franchise to Disney?

    • Listening to what Gene said again, he seemed harsher on this film than Roger. I did think there were some laughs in the film, but not enough and it did run out of steam. Can the gangster film be spoofed? Too bad Mel Brooks stopped making films, since I think he could do it. Also, Mafia! came out in 1998 and was better than this to some degree, but it wasn’t as good as Airplane!, made by same people.

  • There hasn’t been a good gangster parody? Gene, have you forgotten Bugsy Malone?

  • I just saw a review video on YouTube titled Ebert & Roeper – Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker (2006) get taken down yesterday with the message “This video is not available in your country due to a copyright claim by Medusa film S.p.a. and RTI Sp.A.” I guess you never know what videos they’ll go after.

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