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The Stinkers of 1983

Amityville 3-D, Staying Alive, Smokey and the Bandit Part 3, Jaws 3-D, Porky’s II: The Next Day, The Sting II, Deal of the Century, The Final Option, Krull, The Lonely Lady, The Osterman Weekend, Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone, Stroker Ace, Trenchcoat

Roger reviews The Buddy System by himself at the end of this video.

9 thoughts on “The Stinkers of 1983

  • Why do some of these have promos for future shows, since it is never for the show that’s about to air? And why are there dark spots?

  • Funny thing I must mention: They dump on sequels here, but Gene’s last Best film of the year was a sequel!!!!!! So there have been sequels that have worked, but not many.

  • Oh, so they did honorable mention for the other titles you have listed here. I didn’t remember that.

  • 1983 had one good sequel: Return of the Jedi. The rest of them have been trash for the most part. Staying Alive was the worst of them, IMO! Having Stallone writing and directing it was a horrific decision.

    I forgot The Sting II even EXISTED! It only took this show to remind me!

    The way Spielberg’s 1975 classic was trashed is downright offensive! Jaws 3 and 4 didn’t even TRY to be good. They were just money-grabbing attempts and nothing more!

  • That Dorito’s commercial had Brian Backer-Rat from Fast Times at Ridgemont High!

  • 1983 was not a great year for movies. Too many sequels, too many 3D films, and too many crappy special effects flicks.

    • No, there were some good films: Terms of Endearment, The Right Stuff (best picture, I thought), WarGames, Return of the Jedi, The Big Chill, The Dresser, Testament, Trading Places and Risky Business to name several.

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