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5 thoughts on “Tightrope, Revenge of the Nerds, The Woman in Red, Red Dawn, 1984

  • I agree with Gene about Red Dawn. It starts out great but then gets tiresome, with constant fighting and characters getting killed. And the whole subplot with Darryl and the bug-how did that happen? It isn’t made clear. See the film and you’ll see what I mean about that.

  • Whoa! Whoa! Red Dawn is not tiresome and it’s supposed to be a fictional version of WW3 so the shooting and characters is justified. If you weren’t paying close attention about the Darryl subplot and how it happend. I’ll explain it to you. What happend was he snuck away from the group, went into town when Jed and the others told the group not to go at any cost and got captured by Bella’s forces after his father give him up. That’s when he was forced to swallow the bug and go back to the group as if nothing happend and without suspicion. That’s when the group was found through the bug in his stomach and Bella’s soldiers tracking him to ambush “The Wolverines” and finish them. That’s when they found out that Darryl was the mole and Robert, best friend or not, had no choice but to kill him for betraying them. Why do you think that Patrick Swayze’s character was so upset at him after Daryl told him that his “father was the one to turned him in”. If you really saw this movie like I have (about 50 times) since I was a kid, you would’ve been paying close attention to the dialog said. Siskel may have been right about a few movies, but he missed the boat on this one along with Total Recall years later.

    • But we didn’t see Daryl doing that. And when did he sneak into town? When the others were sleeping? And he just came back like nothing was wrong?

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  • Red Dawn and The Woman in Red are the first 2 films with the PG-13 rating.

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