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5 thoughts on “All of Me, Amadeus, Places in the Heart, Until September, Bolero, 1984

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  • Quite an impressive resume for Czech-born Milos Forman! He’s probably collected more critical praise for his movies than any other foreign-born director. Big props for Cuckoo’s Nest, Hair, Ragtime, Amadeus, The People vs. Larry Flynt, and Man on the Moon, although many of them were not box office successes. His only true flop was his last film, Goya’s Ghosts.

    Amadeus was my father’s favorite movie. He was disgusted at the reviews of the two critics who replaced S & E on PBS. But he had the last laugh when the movie won all those Oscars! Needless to say, S & E continued their popularity to the end, while all their replacements really paled in comparison.

  • Jeffery Lyons and Neal Gabler replaced S & E on “Sneak Previews”. They both panned Amadeus. Wonder how many viewers tuned them out after that.

    • Well, Neal left and Michael Medved came in. And as to Jeffrey Lyons, his son Ben was one of the replacements in 2008, when Ebert and Roeper left Disney. When that happened, I tuned out the Disney show.

  • The guy in Until September was also the dad in Little Indian, Big City.

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