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Best of 1996

Fargo, Big Night, Bound, Welcome to the Dollhouse, Everyone Says I Love You, Hamlet, Looking for Richard, The English Patient, Lone Star, Heidi FLeiss: Hollywood Madam, Secret & Lies, Breaking the Waves, Kingpin, Paradise Lost

4 thoughts on “Best of 1996

  • I knew they were going to pick Fargo as the best film of 1996 when I originally saw this show in 1997.

  • Gene said it was January when they reviewed Fargo. No, it came out in March, he made a mistake. In If we Picked the Winners for this year he corrected himself about that.

  • In Roger’s article on his top ten list for 1996, he pointed out that the year is much better for independent film, especially when the big studios were whoring out big-budget blockbusters like Twister and Independence Day. Sure, he did enjoy The Rock, Eraser, Mission Impossible, Dragonheart, and Executive Decision. But I think those movies were his exceptions (crorrect me if I’m wrong).

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