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3 thoughts on “Queens Logic, Run, Meet the Applegates, The Vanishing, 1991

  • They weren’t off about Home Alone. People were just suckered into seeing garbage because most people probably never saw Three Stooges or read To Kill a Mockingbird. I did NOT see the film in theaters and when I saw it on cable, wasn’t impressed by it at all. In fact, I couldn’t stand the film.

  • I’ve never been a particularly big fan of Home Alone either, but I think what it really amounts to is John Hughes’ first attempt at a live-action cartoon, where cartoon violence happens to real people, and they react like cartoon characters. He was obviously interested in this idea throughout the 1990s and the clearest example of it was Baby’s Day Out, which is literally that, a live-action cartoon. The stuff with the robbers in Home Alone, I think, was basically a rough sketch or first draft of this idea. Not saying I like it…..

    • Glad you agree with me. Let me say one thing about the film that I felt people fell for that really wasn’t original-the thing about the neighbor Marley. It isn’t an original idea. It was done before in To Kill a Mockingbird with Boo Radley, where a neighbor is a recluse and all the children spread these rumors that the person is crazy, but when the main character meets him, we find out he isn’t crazy, just has a few problems.

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