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4 thoughts on “She-Devil, Driving Miss Daisy, The War of the Roses, Glory, Enemies: A Love Story, 1989

  • Not only did Tandy and Freeman get Oscar nods, Tandy won Best Actress and the film won Best Picture! Yes, it won other awards as well. This was a film that I was surprised became so popular. It is great, but you’d think people wouldn’t be that interested in it.

    • I like your Oscar knowledge about Driving Miss Daisy, somebody did once made a joke years ago claiming that not only Driving Miss Daisy was the best picture of the year, it wasn’t even the best Morgan Freeman of the week.

      I do like Driving Miss Daisy, btw.

  • Show The War of the Roses to any quarreling married couple and they’ll think twice about being so damn stubborn and stupid.

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