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4 thoughts on “Commando, Better Off Dead, The Journey of Natty Gann, 1985

  • People have criticized Siskel and Ebert for their comments on Better off Dead, but I can understand what they said. I had the same issue when I saw One Crazy Summer by the same director. After I saw it, I couldn’t remember hours later what the plot was. BOD really doesn’t work on the whole and basically just used a lot of people from other raunchy films to do this one. As to the paperboy throwing the paper through the window, it isn’t nine times, but we see from the film it’s been many times.

  • One other thing: Gene mentions the director but not his name. If he did, he might’ve thought, “What kind of a name is Savage Steve Holland? No wonder this film stinks.”

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  • These guys know nothing when it comes to a cult favourite like Better Off Dead.

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