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Larger Than Life, Unhook the Stars, Romeo + Juliet, Dear God, Vertigo, 1996

The Revolving Thumb goes down in responce to a boycotted response to Spike Lee’s Get On the Bus.

The Viewer’s Thumb dumps on Roger for a negative review on A Long Kiss Goodnight. 

And, I hated both segments! Why? I felt it slowed the pace down considerably (at the time).

Still do!

5 thoughts on “Larger Than Life, Unhook the Stars, Romeo + Juliet, Dear God, Vertigo, 1996

  • Bummer! The show got cut off right when Gene and Roger were about to yell at each other over which Geena Davis movie was better: The Long Kiss Goodnight or Cutthroat Island. Get out the boxing gloves for this show!

    firstmagnitude, you did get your wish, though. Both segments didn’t last long.

    • Maybe andyfilm has that part and we’ll get it up here.

  • I actually have no problem with The Viewer’s Thumb and Revolving Thumbs segments, because I felt that they have something interesting to say. I understand why they didn’t lat long though. Also, spoilers for the Vertigo review.

    • I wonder why they stopped these things. Maybe they weren’t getting good enough viewer’s tapes? Also, Revolving Thumb was a good idea but maybe they then realized it was taking up too much time so no video segments, which were important as well.

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