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4 thoughts on “Ghost, Quick Change, Arachnophobia, The Adventures of Ford Fairlane, Jetsons: The Movie, 1990

  • Roger says here that Clay does have a future in the movies as an actor. Too bad he didn’t live to see him in Blue Jasmine, where he was proven right.

  • I really disagree with Siskel and Ebert about “Jetsons: The Movie” and they really missed the boat. I had a good time and I enjoyed it. I thought it was a fine film, the animation looks fine, the characters was interesting, and the coloring was okay. Another things I also disagree: George Jetson was a funny husband, Jane was a sensitive wife, Elroy was a smart son, Judy was a ‘boy in my dream’ daughter, Rosie the robot was perfect maid, and Astro was a hilarious dog. It begins with hardworking family man George Jetson ecstatic when his cranky boss, Mr. Spacely, gives him a promotion that relocates him, his wife and the rest of his family to the far reaches of space. However, while other family members are enjoying the move, George finds trouble at the new job right away. Sorry, Gene and Roger, but I enjoyed “Jetson: The Movie” a lot. Thumbs up for me.

    Jetsons: The Movie 3/4 👍👍

    • I never liked Jetsons as much as Flintstones. Maybe because Mel Blanc didn’t do as many voices there.

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