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3 thoughts on “Scrooged, Buster, Cocoon: The Return, Full Moon in Blue Water, Hanna’s War, 1988

  • As to Scrooged, I have read about it. Donner wasn’t the initial director, Sydney Pollack was. Also, Roger was correct about that speech Murray gave at the end. It was improvised and he just wandered around letting the cameras follow him. Michael O’Donoghue, who co-wrote this, thought the finished film was terrible and was only happy that he got a lot of money from it so he could get a house in Ireland. Murray even said that his vision of the film was different than Donner’s and there was a lot of misery making it. Murray talked about it with Roger when Roger interviewed him for Quick Change.

  • This is in the wrong year. Move it over to 1988, please.

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