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6 thoughts on “Hail! Hail! Black & White, 1989

  • I happen to have access to the 1990 Edition of Roger Ebert’s Movie Home Companion on And let me tell you something about that edition, that was Roger at his most brutal. He wrote a very angry article about his love for black and white movies in response of Ted Turner colorizing Casablanca. He also recommended 10 black and white films and explains why they work better in black and white and he also wrote a Q&A about black and white to debunk any defense of colorization. Good stuff.

    • That was the first Companion of Roger’s I bought. I eventually was able to get the ones before that but always got the newer one as they came out. In that same edition, he talked about an incident he talks about on here about the guy on the radio show complaining it was too hard to watch black and white films and there Roger said more than he did here.

  • Guess this is from the old Disney website the way it starts. Funny thing: I wasn’t able to see this originally because they interrupted it a whole bunch of times it aired. Finally did get to see it and loved it.

    • I replaced it with ClassicVideoGoodies’ transfer now so it has the missing opening minutes restored. He spliced on the very end of the Disney web site copy since his was cut off at the end.

  • That version also has his defenses of The Last Temptation of Christ and Mississippi Burning.

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