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4 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams – Reviewed Over the Years, 1994

  • You didn’t put in the rereview they did of HD in October, this time with Roger introducing the clips. He mentioned about the initial review in January and they were looking at it again because it was then going into national release. And the fact that this didn’t get a Best Documentary nod is a big shame. And they have not stopped with this bullshit. Won’t You Be My Neighbor? didn’t get a nod this year.

  • Too bad Gene didn’t live to do Best of 90’s. Maybe he would’ve put HD at the top spot too. Or I think Fargo or Schindler’s List.

  • The Academy has had many low points, but their complete omission of Hoop Dreams has got to be the LOWEST!

    • That morning when I read it didn’t get a nomination, I thought, “Gene and Roger’s blood must be boiling over right now over this!” They should’ve even acted angrier on the Snubbing on the show. I guess they had calmed down enough by then. The next year on Memo to the Academy, they mentioned the Documentary branch should take another look at Crumb (it had been eligible the year before but also snubbed, however it could still qualify this year) and that the Academy should give an honorary Oscar to Hoop Dreams.

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