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4 thoughts on “Spice World, Hard Rain, Fallen, The Gingerbread Man, Phantoms, Star Kid, 1998

  • First batch of films for 1998. Spice World did end up on Worst of 98 show and as for Hard Rain, the screenplay is by the same guy who did Speed and Broken Arrow, the latter film being the one where Gene changed his thumb from up to down.

  • The Spice Girls have proven that you don’t need any talent to be in a movie, OR to sell records!

    Pretty dubious batch of films to start 1998, two of which Roger mentioned on their “Worst of 1998” show, proving that they have longer memories than the Academy, although Roger had forgotten that Gene disliked “Silence of the Lambs”.

    Nice to know Gene got along with a lot more NBA players than just members of the Chicago Bulls. Thanks for spoiling the ending of Phantoms. Pretty creepy statement of saving 1.5 hours of our lives, given that Gene had only one year of it left.

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