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4 thoughts on “Point of No Return, CB4, Fire in the Sky, Barbarians at the Gate, Il ladro di bambini, 1993

  • I really enjoyed Point of No Return, and have a fond memory of seeing it with my now deceased mom. For some reason, she and I (when it was just us two) had a penchant for seeing bad movies. This was a rare good one.

    And I didn’t see Fire in the Sky in the theater, but on cable. Great movie. Don’t agree with Gene at all.

  • Loved CB4. Probably one of the best comedies that year but it helps that I love Chris Rock and the late Charlie Murphy. They definitely got it wrong on that review. It is a parody basically of the hip hop world like what do they want?

  • LOL, Siskel doing his old thing where he asks the movie to be a different movie than it is. I don’t understand wanting a remake to change things. I didn’t understand why people said that about the live-action Lion King. The live-action Beauty and the Beast added some new songs but they weren’t any good and the movie would’ve been better without them. I remember seeing Point of no Return on a free HBO weekend or something like that and really getting caught up in the mood and atmosphere of the movie. I’m still so disappointed Bridget Fonda retired. Almost 20 years out of the business now. She was so appealing in so many different movies. I bet she could be a really interesting older actress now.

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