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4 thoughts on “The Firm, Sleepless in Seattle, House of Cards, Dennis the Menace, Orlando, 1993

  • I didn’t like Sleepless in Seattle myself because it was so corny and unrealistic. However, notice in one of the clips there we have David Hyde Pierce, who that fall would star in Frasier, which took place in Seattle and had a radio doctor in it? And I love his character not wanting to move there!!!!!

  • I’m with them on Dennis the Menace. John Hughes was a very talented writer and director back in the 80’s. But the success of Home Alone went to his head, and began writing so many assembly-line and by the numbers family comedies. I’m admittedly not that familiar with the Dennis the Menace comics and the TV shows that spawned it, but at least the first half of the film displays what you expect from a Dennis the Menace film. But after Dennis gets kidnapped by a thief after he stole Mr Wilson’s coin collection, the film turns into another Home Alone wannabe. Talk about soulless screenwriting.

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