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6 thoughts on “They’ll Do It Every Time: Part Two (Movie Clichés), 1991

  • God, this show was good! Loved the clichés they covered and the clips. There were good films as well as bad.

  • Love these cliche shows. They’re probably my favorite special shows. The cop/buddy cliche is the one that’s been the most beaten to death! And the barfight cliche is the one I really hate the most!

  • Ummm, shouldn’t this show be in the 1991 category since this was teased at the end of that one show that they reviewed The Addams Family and Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse that week?

    • I don’t know Jordan. JediJones and I will look into it. Thanks!

    • This episode was also advertised at the end of the 1992 episode Prelude to a Kiss, Universal Soldier, Boomerang, Wisecracks, The Best Intentions. But since the one you mentioned was probably the first airing it should probably be moved there.

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