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7 thoughts on “Madonna: Truth or Dare, Backdraft, Truly Madly Deeply, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, 1991

    • Backdraft is okay, but not one of Ron Howard’s best, if you compare it to Parenthood, Cocoon, or even later films like Apollo 13 and A Beautiful Mind.

  • Some stuff seemed to be cut out here, but I guess that was the original recording. And as to Rage in Harlem, I was wondering why when they voted thumbs down to it I saw in Roger’s print review in his Movie Home Companion in 1992 3 stars for it. I had missed this episode so I didn’t know they rereviewed the film.

  • Rare case of addition by subtraction for A Rage in Harlem.

    • It’s like The Brown Bunny in a way. When Roger saw it at Cannes he hated it (and so did everyone else), but when it got edited and he saw it again, he liked it a lot more.

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