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6 thoughts on “The Package, Wired, Cookie, Little Monsters, The Little Thief, 1989

  • I actually agree with them on Little Monsters. It’s just mean spirited garbage that just uses dark images for the sake of doing so.

    • I had never seen “Little Monsters” as a child. Not because I thought it was gonna be scary, I was watching Freddy and Jason movies constantly back then. I just hated Fred Savage and Howie Mandel. I saw some of it a couple of years ago. I remember a scene where a little girl is asleep and Howie Mandel is flicking his tongue near her ear. I remember thinking “What in the World? How did that not get cut out?” It was so creepy.

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  • If you’re wondering why The Little Thief’s footage in their review isn’t shown from andyfilm’s transfer of this episode is probably because of copyright. Just in case some of you were wondering.

    • Andy said he had to remove segments from a small number of his videos for copyright, but will try to repost them later with all the footage. For now, I put in a link to an older copy of the video that has the footage. If you find any more with missing footage, please post another comment.

  • Wired sucks so bad. It could have been good because Chiklis is very good and the dreary mood is right but the whole structure with “Angel ” sucks. The actor playing Angel sucks, I thought I was watching “Chico and the Man.” Bob Woodward’s book on the other hand is excellent though. If you’re interested in Belushi then I highly recommend it. He interviewed practically everyone Belushi was with in his final days and gives practically a day by day account of his final months. I know Belushi’s loved ones don’t like the book but hey, they truth hurts.

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