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5 thoughts on “Ted Koppel with Siskel & Ebert, and John Simon, 1983

  • What an unbelievable total schlub Mr. Simon is. Pretty sure he’s dead now. Gotta be forced to watch Star Wars in hell daily.

  • Normally, I don’t insult critics for their own opinions, but John Simon is a total IDIOT! Star Wars wasn’t designed to turn kids into morons. It’s a mix of Saturday afternoon serials, Akira Kurosawa samurai films, fairy tales, myths, and science fiction all rolled into one. And the best films in the franchise has great performances, brilliant storytelling, and special effects that stand the test of time. A truly one of a kind series of films.

  • Wow! What an incredibly stuck up, grouchy, curmudgeon Simon is! If he had kids, they’d get my sympathy! You have this guy as your father, you’re doomed to a life without FUN! Making children DUMB? Is he serious?

    This is why S & E were such great critics. They know the difference between a rousing adventure high on the imagination scale (Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc.) and mindless junk that’s low on the imagination scale, such as Power Rangers.

    Yeah, I’m taking my kids to see Tender Mercies ahead of Star Wars. Unbelievable!

    • Oh man, this is worse than what Gene said about the special effects in Poltergeist.

    • This is exactly why I’m a fan of Oliver Harper’s videos. Like Siskel and Ebert, he knows what he likes about Star Wars, Superman, and Indiana Jones and what he doesn’t like about Power Rangers, Batman and Robin, and Godzilla 1998.

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