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4 thoughts on “See You in the Morning, Disorganized Crime, Speed Zone, Checking Out, Little Vera, 1989

  • Ed O’ Neill in the clip for Disorganized Crime seems to be doing Al Bundy there, although his name is George.

  • The Speed Zone discussion is a classic. Roger said no one laughed. I wonder if anyone farted?

  • Their rant about Speed Zone is absolutely hilarious, even Roger was so ticked off that he even said ”Two thumbs way, Way, WAY down for Speed Zone” during the recap at the end of the episode, he gave the film zero stars in his written review.

    Also when Gene said ”I already have one film earlier this year that made me want to quit my job” he’s referring to She’s Out Of Control which they reviewed the week before this, another film that Roger gave zero stars to in his written review.

    ”Other than that Mr. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?”

  • Glad Gene told that punchline because I didn’t know. Well, I would’ve found out eventually.

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