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9 thoughts on “Extreme Violence Directed at Women, 1980

  • I was waiting on this classic episode. I love these guys but they were way off. The slasher genre had nothing to do with the women’s movement and everything to do with the capitalist movement. Everyone was shocked at how much of a profit Halloween turned on a 300K budget and everyone wanted in on the action. It’s as simple as that. I spit on your grave is an exceptionally vile film but most of them are just Halloween clones, slightly modified.

    • You are absolutely right. It has nothing to do with the women’s movement at all. It all happened because Halloween made MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! And Friday the 13th is also a bad example because the killer is a woman who is hungry for revenge for the death of her son. And the POV shots of the killer were used to hide the killer’s identity, so I don’t know where Roger got the idea that it makes the audience root for the killer.

  • Completely agree. These slasher movies are nothing more than low-grade attempts to ride on the coattails of Halloween. They did take it too far in calling it a vendetta against women. And “The Howling” and “Motel Hell” are bad examples.

  • When Gene Siskel reviewed Friday the 13th, he did an oopsie. He did a BIG oopsie. He listed Betsy Palmer’s address in his review so his readers can give her hate mail for her involvement with the film. I’m gonna enjoy this.

      • I have a JPG of the article on one of my hard drives. It would take some digging. I’m sure you can still find it online. Anyways, It was a really, really creepy thing of him to do. Sometimes people can get so liberal without even realizing they’re being fascists. We’re seeing a lot of that lately. I think Gene did realize this though. He was a very intelligent man. I remember during their Friday the 13th part 4 review he said something like Roger sounded like he should be on a soap box. He definitely lightened up his stance by part 4 and by part 5 they both had fun with it. I love their part 5 review.

      • Okay I found it. He doesn’t exactly give her address. He gave the address of Paramount’s parent company, Gulf & Western. He gave the name of the small town Betsy Palmer lived in (Rowayton, Conn) and suggested to send a letter to general delivery and it would probably find her. Still, not cool at all to invade someone’s privacy like that. He could have gotten her a stalker like her costar Adrienne King had. Her stalker almost killed her.

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