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5 thoughts on “Gloria, Why Would I Lie?, Private Benjamin, Terror Train, 1980

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  • I love Terror Train. One of the better early 80’s slashers.

  • Brother, you rarely heard them getting that pissed off over a movie! Too bad they didn’t have enough time to mention “Why Would I Lie” on their “Dogs of 1980” show. And to think, Treat Williams’ previous movie was “Hair”, which they both loved. You’ll get to learn a lot about Roger’s patented “idiot plot” during this show!

    “Private Benjamin” was a fun comedy, even though the message was laid on rather thick at the end. Too bad Goldie Hawn’s career did go very far afterwards.

    • This is a rare kind of negative review when they were angry like The Angry Video Game Nerd, only without the foul languages, scatological humor, and references to bestiality.

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