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4 thoughts on “Heaven’s Gate, Modern Romance, Napoleon (1927), Excalibur, Nighthawks, 1981

  • Ah, Heaven’s Gate. The movie that put the New Hollywood movement out of it’s misery, especially after Jaws and Star Wars made SO much $$$.

  • A real shame. After the classic “The Deer Hunter”, Chimino could’ve been destined for Scorsese-like success. But, this disaster put a fast end to that.

    • I just saw Excalibur and really enjoyed it. However, I would love to see Napoleon if I can find a good DVD copy.

  • Great episode. Stallone, Albert Brooks, a cult classic and a legendary flop. That dialogue in Excalibur is so arch and stiff. That’s the kind of writing spoof movies were invented to make fun of. I think I like their early ’80s shows the best. They’re right in between the clunkier ’70s years and the maybe too slickly produced Disney years. Dog of the week was a fun feature. I guess it got replaced with home video pick of the week later.

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