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14 thoughts on “Ffolkes, A Small Circle of Friends, Where the Buffalo Roam, Nothing Personal, Foolin’ Around, 1980

    • I deleted the other one. My apologies, Patrick…

      • That’s okay Larry. Hopefully more will come soon.

      • But the other one had a promo before it (that this one doesn’t have), which is why I thought you were keeping it. Could you bring back the promo?

        • Sorry about that John! Let me see what I can do.

          • Works for me, thanks! I should have posted a response to Patrick earlier when I spotted the promo.

          • No problem at all, John…thanks!

          • I think the copy with the promo at the beginning was deleted again. It might be better to restore that one and delete this one.

          • There was a promo for Ffolkes show? I have totally forgotten what was going on with this, Jedi.

          • I just saw the above post saying “But the other one had a promo before it (that this one doesn’t have).” I assume it was one of those promos they attached to the tapes for the next week’s show. So he was saying the other copy of the episode would be better to keep since the one on this page is missing the promo. I just popped in here after the other one was deleted so I didn’t see the promo.

  • Let me do some digging tomorrow, JediJones.

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