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4 thoughts on “Proof of Life, Pollock, The Emperor’s New Groove, Vertical Limit, State and Main, Dungeons & Dragons, 2000

  • On the subject of family films, I’m actually more of a Grinch fan than an Emperor’s New Groove fan so I wouldn’t really waste my time with an uninspired Disney film that wasn’t a huge hit and instead watch a perennial Christmas favourite that was a huge hit.

    • So the Grinch did better so that makes it a better movie? Personally, I thought Emperor’s New Groove was far superior and more suited for adults with it’s un-pc tone. Disney reportedly tried to bury this movie because they were nervous about David Spade’s dialogue and the homicidal character of Yzma.

      • Well personally I prefer watching The Grinch each Christmas rather than watching The Emperor’s New Groove which is terribly overrated and if you have a problem with that then ”Up Yours!”.

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