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Hannibal, In the Mood for Love, Saving Silverman, 2001

Video Pick of the Week – Manhunter

They look at Silence of the Lambs again to compare it to Hannibal.

Mchaela Pereira discusses Oscar websites (do they still exist?).

Roger and Gene’s review of the Silence of the Lambs back in 1991.

4 thoughts on “Hannibal, In the Mood for Love, Saving Silverman, 2001

  • is very much still around, but it had to change its name to Awards Daily when The Academy Awards organization objected to the name. Lots of Oscar prediction sites now, not sure how many of those were around back in 2001. Interesting that some of these sites aren’t very well known because they don’t have many readers-but many of the readers they do have are Academy members, which allows them to charge top dollar ad rates.

    • I wasn’t aware such websites existed, John. Interesting to know!

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  • Thanks! I always wanted to see their Saving Silverman review again.

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