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5 thoughts on “The Talented Mr. Ripley, Fantasia 2000, Any Given Sunday, The Hurricane, Galaxy Quest, 1999

  • The Talented Mr Ripley as a child I never really got but as I got older I realize just how good of a thriller it was. I mean Damon his performance in that film was nothing short of creepy.

    Fantasia 2000…definitely a classic

    Any Given Sunday as far as sports movies go, definitely was bad

    Very very big thumbs up for The Hurricane…I cried watching this film

  • This was the Christmas show and you can tell by what Roger is wearing. Also, I think this was the first show that had the new opening of Roger at his computer with pictures of his wife Chaz and him and Gene (that was nice) before leaving to go to the movie theater and everyone giving him a thumbs up. I wonder why it took several months into the season to put it up. They couldn’t do this faster in 1999?

  • I must correct my earlier statement. The show before this was the first one that had the new opening with Roger. I still wonder why it took so long to get it in the show?

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