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3 thoughts on “The In-Laws, Lost and Found, Escape from Alcatraz, Rocky II, The Main Event, 1979

  • Well, here’s a rare show where I’ve seen all 5 films and I’m in complete agreement with Roger on all of them.

    The In-Laws was flat-out hilarious. As Gene often told Roger on other comedies: “Where’s your sense of humor?”
    Rocky II was a rare good sequel, expanding on the original instead of just repeating it.
    Alcatraz was exciting and one of Eastwood’s better films
    I laughed a few times during The Main Event, but the story didn’t hold together. What’s Up, Doc was much funnier.
    And yes, Lost and Found was not funny, just dumb and repetitive.

  • The stuff on Rocky 2 is good and what they say about Rocky 3. How were they to know it would be different. And it going on for a long time, well, right now we’re at Creed 2, which is Rocky 8.

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