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7 thoughts on “Phantasm, Boulevard Nights, Last Embrace, Voices, 1979

  • They were getting sloppy on this show in this season. Telling the viewers whether they liked the movie or not, before their review, was a bad idea. Good thing they put a stop to that.

  • They used to heavily rehearse and write for the show. However, it became very laborious and stressful, and the taping would take hours.

    They decided not to discuss too much in advance, which actually cut down the production time. It was only after they made the format more unpredictable and spontaneous did their interactions and reactions became more natural and reaction-based, much like their real-time reactions to a film.

    • BTW Jesse, I read your research on Gene Siskel’s newspaper reviews on Keep up the good work.

      • Hey Patrick, thanks for the compliment but I don’t think that’s me. I am sure there are other Jesses that are Siskel and ebert fans, haha.

        • The guy’s name is Jesse Coffey. I thought you were him.

          • Yeah, that’s not me. Sorry.

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