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Best & Worst of 2011

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Ignatiy’s Pick of the Best of the Year:

5 – The Tree of Life
4 – Certified Copy
3 – The Skin I Live In
2 – House of Pleasures
1 – Mysteries of Lisbon

Christy’s Pick of the Best of the Year:

5 – Bellflower
4 – The Tree of Life
3 – The Myth of the American Sleepover
2 – 50/50
1 – Martha Marcy May Marlene

Roger’s Pick of the Best of the Year:

5 – Take Shelter
4 – Hugo
3 – The Tree of Life
2 – Shame
1 – A Separation

Christy’s Pick of the Worst of the Year:

1 – New Year’s Eve

Ignatiy’s Pick of the Worst of the Year:

1 – Forks Over Knives

Roger’s Pick of the Worst of the Year:

1 The Human Centipede 2


Roger & Chaz say goodbye to everyone in this show.

8 thoughts on “Best & Worst of 2011

  • Happy to see Roger in the balcony one more time. Too bad they couldn’t get the show started up again.

  • This is the other video I found where I believe the embed is broken. I can’t see the video.

    • It’s fixed, Jedi. It look a like I need to check each decade out to see if everything is working. Thanks!

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  • It didn’t get renewal for its 2012 season and it ended unexpectedly for a good reason. Despite of a wonderful balcony set and a perfect way to bring back the movie review format that made Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert famous, it felt forgettable and depressing. Both Christy Lemire and Ignatiy Vishnevetsky (That’s how it spelled) just didn’t worked for me. Perhaps, if Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott and even Roeper were the host, I think it would have been better. It was nice to see Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz one last time but it was really sad at the same time.

  • How very sad. I hadn’t seen Roger’s show farewell until today. Such a let down that there wasn’t funding to continue the show. He only died 2 years later? Truly the end of an era. I had been watching the show since 1979 on PBS. I remember it being on at 9pm, so it was bedtime right after it ended. I was 12 and it was always a school night.

    Farewell Roger and Gene. You were a big part of my growing up.

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