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New Faces of 1989

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I would like to thank Michael for alerting me to the andyfilm channel on YouTube! Interesting show!

Martha Plimpton – Shy People, running on empty, Another Woman

Forest Whitaker – Bird, Good Morning Vietnam

John Mahoney – Moonstruck, Frantic, Betrayed, Eight Man Out (Asked within the show – Did he get bigger roles?)

Alec Baldwin – Beetlejuice, Talk Radio, Working Girl

Kathy Baker – street smart, Permanent Record, Clean and Sober

Natasha Richardson – Gothic, Patty HearstFrances McDormand – Raising Arizona, Mississippi Burning

Tim Robbins – Bull Durham (They must have run out of time!)

Thanks to andyfilm for transferring the video!

6 thoughts on “New Faces of 1989

  • There are a whole bunch on there that aren’t on here. Keep looking into putting them up here.

    • These are the other ones andyfilm has up that aren’t on this site:
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      • I see. Thanks. By the way, did you see my private message to you on Facebook?

      • Did Michael alert you to this youtube channel first? I thought I did. Maybe you saw that first. Just wondering.

        • I apologize, Steven, you may have. I have spent very little time on this site except to keep the plugins updated. SO, I am trying to reread every ones messages, but I am going backwards in the reading! Health and some other issues have really slowed me down over the past year, but I am hoping it is going to change for the better!

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