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Casualties of War, Rude Awakening, Uncle Buck, The Abyss, A Chorus of Disapproval, 1989

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Gene re-reviewed The Abyss in 1993 when it was released on LaserDisc. He seemed more enthusiastic about the film and the reinstatement of additional footage, as seen here: The Abyss Special Edition.

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9 thoughts on “Casualties of War, Rude Awakening, Uncle Buck, The Abyss, A Chorus of Disapproval, 1989

  • I’ve noticed a lot of times when Gene re-reviewed or discussed a movie again later that he liked it more or praised it more.

    • Gene did somewhat opposite with the third Star Wars movie (Jedi). When they re-released the movie back in 1997, he was constantly berating the ewoks. In his 1983 review, Gene showered that Star Wars movie with praises.

      • It might have had something to do with Lucasfilm keeping a tight lid on the Ewoks before release of the movie. They were blacked out on the toy packaging and held back from being put in stores until after the movie came out. And it doesn’t appear they were shown clearly in the promotional film clips given to TV stations. I pulled up Siskel’s print review and at the very beginning he says he won’t spoil any of the movie’s secrets. He didn’t mention the Ewoks once in the review. He did say his only two complaints about the movie were Yoda being hard to understand and the muppet-like look of Jabba’s band. He gave it 4 stars even though he only gave 3.5 to Star Wars and Empire. So while it does seem his opinion of the Ewoks diminished over time, he never clearly stated an opinion on them while they were still considered one of the movie’s secrets.

  • Glad to see you put another one up here. Andyfilm put some 1991 film shows up there too. Keep an eye on it. Thanks.

    • I will Steven. I appreciate you helping me!

  • All I’m seeing when I click on these is a blank space where the video is supposed to be. Is anyone else seeing this?

    • It works for me. This one is directly embedded from YouTube.

    • Is it still a blank, Michael? Looks OK for me too!

      • Yeah. Its weird. It’ll come up on my tablet but not my computer. Did you try putting up those videos from 2005, best and worst list or also the direct links I sent you from internet archive?

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