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2 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition, When We Were Kings, Blood & Wine, Lost Highway, Margaret’s Museum, 1997

  • Glad you got more up here. Don’t forget the ones from andyfilm that are from 1989 that you missed. Secondly, seeing Empire Strikes Back here being talked about makes me think about all the Star Wars films that have come out since Roger died. Wonder what he would’ve thought of them?

  • It’s funny, on this one and the earlier one where they reviewed the Star Wars rerelease, they never mention if the updated version is better or necessary or not. They just basically review the original movie.

    Also, they just never did like David Lynch, did they? His lack of coherent structure really bugged them…. I always felt his best work was the “Twin Peaks” pilot, which had the structure his films mostly lack, but if you just relax and go with it, his movies are completely unique experiences. They just weren’t into it, apparently.

    “Sweet Sweetback” being the video pick of the week is something of a (personal) irony, as Melvin Van Peebles just died last week. He was an uncompromising filmmaker, as well as a great photographer. A one of a kind.

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