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7 thoughts on “Worst of 1995

  • Their review of Power Rangers is a perfect example of why I looked up to Siskel and Ebert. They knew the difference between blockbusters made from the heart (Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, etc), and mindless, feature length toy commercials like Power Rangers. Sure, the show was crap, but at least it was entertaining crap. The movie exists for the sole purpose of banking on its popularity. At least the first Ninja Turtles movie from 1990 wasn’t made with this mentality in mind.

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  • Boy, they reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally didn’t like Pauly Shore. My girlfriend in the mid-90s loved him so I had to sit through all of his movies and I got so I didn’t hate him too much after awhile. Clearly, S&E never made that transition. If you follow the arc of their criticism of him, beginning I believe with Encino Man, you will see that they never, never, never, never ever liked him. Ever. Period.

    I have to note here that I think Gene is unfairly harsh on Elizabeth Berkley, saying that her face doesn’t look good in Showgirls. That’s unkind, and frankly mistaken. Elizabeth Berkley was very attractive, she just wasn’t a very good actress, and she picked the wrong movie to make the jump from TV to movies. Boy, did she ever!

    • I’ve always loved their revenge on the Power Rangers. They really know what they loved about Star Wars and Indiana Jones and what they hated about Power Rangers. That’s why I’m also a fan of Oliver Harper.

    • I didn’t mind Pauly Shore that much. I think Adam Sandler is much worse. That guy is comedy cancer.

    • Hi Bruce, with all due respect, that’s not what Gene said at all. I agree with you that Elizabeth Berkeley is attractive; but if you watch the video again, Gene was referring to the fact that the makeup artist didn’t do a good enough job with her face (“somebody didn’t make her up very well”), making the point that bad make-up can have a negative impact on how a lead actor looks in a film.

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