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8 thoughts on “Casino, Two Bits, Money Train, Nick of Time, Frankie Starlight, 1995 (incomplete)

  • I saw this episode which premiered Thanksgiving weekend 1995 so here’s the reviews

    Casino Thumbs down for Siskel/Thumbs up for Ebert
    Two Bits Two Thumbs Down
    Money Train Two Thumbs Down, Way Down. (They really got on the Chris Cooper arsonist character among many of the films other flaws and it would eventually end up in the list of the worst of 1995)
    Nick of Time Two Thumbs Down (They both felt that the real time gimmick didn’t work with too many clock visuals. Ebert liked it slightly more but not much more)
    Frankie Starlight Two Thumbs Way up (They both found it charming and liked the aspects of the story)

    I hope this helps until the complete version appears!

  • Are you able to find the rest of this video anywhere?

  • I know you’re quoting the movie, but considering that Gene is Jewish in real life, it’s not really funny and it’s just tasteless and antisemitic.

    • Because I reported an antisemetic joke regarding Gene’s review of Casino.

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