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3 thoughts on “Heaven Help Us, The Mean Season, The Breakfast Club, Mischief, 1985 (incomplete)

    • Painful that it cut off where it did, but anything from the Tribune era is valuable as it’s less likely than the PBS or Disney eras to ever show up from any official source. Ebert’s official YouTube channel does have his “solo” local newscast review of Breakfast Club on it. He reviewed it in print of course, giving it 3 stars. Siskel did also, giving it 3.5 stars, and Siskel also published an interview with John Hughes discussing the movie right before it came out.

  • Dang, I really want to hear their review of Breakfast Club. On another note, I totally disagree about Mean Season. I loved that movie. I was surely biased though, since at the time I was so excited to see more Kurt Russell after The Thing and Silkwood. I really became enamored by him.

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