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16 thoughts on “Eat Pray Love, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Expendables AND Tribute to Siskel & Ebert, 2010 – Final show!

  • Hi Larry. You’re right. This did come out in 2009 and I’ve seen this one before on YouTube. It is complete.

  • It’s a nice tribute. I do wish it was longer. Perhaps it was the final segments of a full half hour show. We sure could use Gene and Roger’s influence now with Hollywood’s worsening blockbuster mentality. Maybe this pandemic has given them time to think.

    • I agree. There are good reviewers on the Internet, but most of them only cover mainstream movies from the past 45 years. We expected a wide variety of film coverage that Gene and Roger supplied for us.

    • It was the last two parts of the last show, since they reviewed three films before that. The show would not have ended had they just left it alone with Michael and Richard in 2008, but the stupid Disney fucks screwed it up. People never know when to leave things alone.

  • I think it was a segment of one of their last shows. I do think it was nice after the Ben and Ben thing that Phillips and Scott were able to give the show and franchise a final season and send off that it deserved.

  • In the Broken Arrow segment, Roger still could’ve admitted to Gene this, ” Well, it was taken out this year of my Video Companion, happy now?”

  • They should’ve left the show alone in 2008 and let Michael do the show with Richard, but no, the Disney dumbasses.

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  • This episode has been updated to the complete half-hour version.

    • I see. I don’t really care what they thought of the three films they reviewed. In fact, no recap, notice?

  • It was the final end for “Siskel & Ebert”, “Ebert & Roeper” and “At The Movies” as a syndicated movie review program from Disney/Buena Vista that I wished it had continued for another year or perhaps, the entire decade. When I found out earlier in March that it was announced for cancellation, I was crushed! It’s a shame too because both Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott were terrific and better replacements for the disastrous 2008-09 Season with Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz (Both of them didn’t have good chemistry and dropping the nationwide critics segment in the first few episodes didn’t helped either). Disney really messed up and should be a shame of themselves. The 2011 PBS Series, “Ebert Presents: At The Movies” with Christy Lemire and Ignity V. didn’t worked for me. They had no chemistry and I didn’t care for Lemire that much. She was like basically a teenybopper type of critic that gets you under your skin (That’s my opinion). It was a nice start for a change to bring back the format that made Siskel & Ebert famous, but it was depressing. Even seeing Roger Ebert after thyroid cancer surgery in his later years before his death was devastating to watch when every guest critic filled in for Ebert’s Voice broadcasting his written reviews at his office. Thankfully, the best thing was it did have archival episodes of “Sneak Previews” with Siskel & Ebert. It ended unsurprisingly in winter, 2011 and didn’t get picked up for the following 2012 season. Perhaps if Ebert had brought in both Phillips, A.O. Scott and maybe, Roeper instead, the show would have been saved.

    • Nice to meet you on here. The problem with the Disney show was after Richard and Roger left, that was a clean break with the show and the replacements and new set didn’t work. It would’ve been better for Disney to leave the show alone, but they couldn’t care less about that. Roger did talk about using Michael and Richard in a new show but it fell through and when he did relaunch the show in 2011, people did ask him about using Richard, but Roger mentioned that Richard was doing his own show by then. The reason the PBS show stopped was it was costing too much money to fund. They had hoped to bring it back but I guess Roger’s death put an end to that. It was nice seeing Roger on the new show in some form.

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