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Hidden Horrors, 1988

Gene and Roger go over horror films they felt were neglected when released.

Cat People, The Hidden, Last House on the Left, The Honeymoon Killers, Re-Animator, The Sender, Fright Night, Sisters

2 thoughts on “Hidden Horrors, 1988

  • In Roger Ebert’s 1987 Edition of his Movie Home Companion, he recommended 13 horror films for his readers to rent on video. His choices include The Bride of Frankenstien, The Exorcist, Young Frankenstien, Halloween, Dawn of the Dead, Noseferatu (Werner Herzog remake), Altered States, Cat People (which is reviewed here), Swamp Thing, Poltergiest (which had Gene Siskel at his worst), The Dead Zone, Gremlins, and Blood Simple. I take it that this list and this special episode is their way of telling horror fans (who typically give them a lot of negative feedback thanks to their godawful Women In Danger episode) that they really do enjoy horror films. I hope the missing 1979 Take 2 program devoted to monster movies is uploaded online.

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