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The Best of 1983

The Right Stuff, Fanny & Alexander, Risky Business, Say Amen Somebody, Terms of Endearment, Star 80, El Norte, The Big Chill, Pauline at the Beach, Silkwood, The Year of Living Dangerously, Betrayal, The Return of Martin Guerre, Testament

3 thoughts on “The Best of 1983

  • I know they have discussed Hollywood’s blockbuster mentality before on Sneak Previews, but I think this marks the first time that Gene began to attack the press for reporting the opening weeks grosses, since The Right Stuff tanked at the box office.

  • 1983 was not a great year for movies. I agree with some of Gene and Roger’s choices for their favorite films that year and I enjoyed other good films. But in general, it wasn’t a great year.

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