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Worst of 1989

Harlem Nights, Young Einstein, No Holds Barred, The Wizard, She’s Out of Control, Dream a Little Dream, Old Gringo, Bloodhounds of Broadway, Troop Beverly Hills, Her Alibi, Ghostbusters II, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Pink Cadillac, Next of Kin, Physical Evidence, Kinjite

5 thoughts on “Worst of 1989

  • I actually enjoy quite a few of the films here…. She’s Out of Control, Her Alibi, Ghostbusters 2 and Next of Kin ar all solid flicks within their genres, and on any rainy Sunday, I could easily watch Pink Cadillac or Troop Beverly Hills and just switch off the ol’ intellect.

    Watching Star Trek V though, is like being beaten with a bag of oranges, so I’m glad it made the list.

    • Why would you want to switch off the ol’ intellect?

  • Well, he started on TV in the 50’s and was a bitplayer in movies too, so by ’90 it was still kinda long.

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