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6 thoughts on “Worst of 1996

  • Boy did they have a lot of films on here. 8 in the first segment!!!!!!!!

  • Two comments I’d like to make right now:
    1. Gene said that Junior was lame. Uh, he voted thumbs up for that film.
    2. Gene didn’t mention to Roger about liking The Ghost and the Darkness, although he did for Cable Guy and Larger than Life.

  • Roger mentioning he would like to make a documentary. Well, he did, although not the one he talked about here.

  • Hey Steven, I may be mistaken, but didn’t you mention on IMDB that you collected all of Roger’s reviews in the form of newspaper clippings?

  • I didn’t realize until this week that Mad Dog Time was kind of a ripoff of Reservoir Dogs. That movie was sort of pointless, but with the Tarantino style. I don’t know why both S & E couldn’t both pick Mad Dog Time, since they both picked North last year.

    Getting Away With Murder should’ve been in the “Dead at Birth” category. A black comedy with the Holocaust as a background? Really? That’s more disgusting than whatever Rob Reiner had in mind when he made North.

    Someone should’ve Green Egg and Ham’d Shaq!

    The price is wrong, bitch!

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