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4 thoughts on “Straight Talk, Rock-A-Doodle, Thunderheart, Beethoven, Raise the Red Lantern, 1992

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  • Definitely agree with the reviews especially the one on Thunderheart. Beethoven is a damn classic.

  • Just watched straight talk and if at 91 m it gets just a tad bogged down by a predictable plot what I liked was actually dolly Parton and Griffin dunne. I liked James Woods too but he almost seemed tacked on as did their romance; she could just as easily have ended up w dunne and woods would be pointless… still a cute movie and surprising as such

  • I agree with their review of Rock a Doodle, but I think it’s actually a worse movie than what they’re actually saying. What they didn’t address much is that the story makes no damn sense.

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